Up until now, if you wanted a true Nexus tablet from the good folks at Google, you had your choice between the Asus-sourced Nexus 7 and the Samsung-sourced Nexus 10. Now, it looks like Google is ready to grow that family even further with an appropriately named Nexus 8 tablet. As you can imagine, this will be of the 8-inch variety.

The rumor comes by way of Digitimes, which is reporting that the new tablet could launch as early as the middle of this year and that it may be powered by the Intel Bay Trail-T platform, though a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip would hardly be out of the question. It’s likely that Asus will get first dibs at this contract, effectively building upon what they’re already doing with the Nexus 7.

As far as what else we can expect, the rest of the specs and features are still largely up to discussion. It’s quite possible that the Nexus 8 will get a stylus, not unlike what we already see with the Galaxy Note series from Samsung. They may or may not alter the aspect ratio compared to the Nexus 7 too. I just hope that they thin out that bezel.

I’ve been toying with the Dell Venue 8 Pro for the last few days (full written review to be posted here soon) and I have to say that the 8-inch form factor certainly has its appeal. Seeing how the LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition sells for $349, I’d imagine the Nexus 8 would have to be at least competitive with that, if not even undercutting it by a few bucks. $299, perhaps?


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