Samsung made some rather bold changes with its most recent flagship, offering a brand new design with built-in wireless charging support and a svelte metal and glass body. And as I noted in my Galaxy S6 review, this came with two key sacrifices: the elimination of the user-replaceable battery and the removal of the microSD slot. If you’re looking to return some expandable memory to your S6, it looks like you are now in luck. Sort of.

In order to re-instate the microSD slot in your Galaxy S6, you’re going to have to hide the aforementioned svelte metal and glass body behind a not-as-fancy-looking Incipio protective case. It’s called the Offgrid and in addition to adding the microSD slot back, it comes with a 3700mAh battery to extend your Galaxy S6 usage by up to 50%. Considering how good the battery life already is on that phone, you should easily get through a regular work day (or two!) with this case in tow.


From what I can gather, the Incipio Offgrid plugs into the microUSB port on your Galaxy S6. In this way, the microSD slot in the case itself gets translated into USB OTG storage on your phone. The compromise here is that you can’t use the Offgrid’s charging capabilities and the microSD slot at the same time. It’s an either/or proposition by way of a switch on the side. That’s a pretty significant trade if you ask me, especially if you plan on stashing some music, movies or even apps on there.

The Incipio Offgrid battery case for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is available now from for $89.99. It comes in any color you want as long as it’s black.

Via MobileSyrup

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