TORONTO, ON – September 27, 2007 – Following the launch of Halo 3, the biggest entertainment blockbuster of the year, Xbox Canada, a division of Microsoft Canada Co. is pleased to announce the launch of the “33 Days of Halo 3” contest in collaboration with MTV and Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. Open exclusively to Canadians and running Tuesday, September 25th to Wednesday, October 27th, fans of Halo 3 will have the chance to win one of three grand prizes including a brand-new Volvo C30 T5 Halo 3 branded car.

While gamers are being blown away by the final chapter in the epic Halo saga, Canadian players will have the chance to win more than $40,000 in prizes. All gamers need to do to qualify is play Halo 3 on Xbox LIVE®. Halo 3 promises to build upon the unparalleled social multiplayer experience gamers came to expect with Halo 2 by taking Xbox LIVE gameplay to the next level.

Gamers simply download the gamer pic associated with a task requiring completion in order to qualify for chance to win. Gamers can choose to download one or all three gamer pics as well as complete the associated task(s) to increase their chances of winning. Gamer pic categories, tasks and corresponding prizes are as follows:

– Download the “Red 33” gamer pic and play 33 multiplayer games of Halo 3 on Xbox LIVE in 33 Days
– Playing for a chance to win a 2007 Volvo C30 T5 Automatic Halo 3 branded car.

– Download the “White 33” gamer pic and play co-op campaign with 3 friends on Xbox LIVE
– Playing for a chance to win the ultimate ”Friends Pack” which includes:
– 4 Limited Edition Halo 3 Edition Xbox 360 consoles
– 4 Halo 3 Edition Wireless Headsets
– 4 Limited Edition Todd McFarlane designed Halo 3 wireless controllers
– 4 Halo 3 Collector’s Edition 12 Month Xbox LIVE Subscription Cards

– Download the “Blue 33” gamer pic and play 33 hours of Halo 3 on Xbox LIVE in 33 Days
– Playing for a chance to win a 52” Samsung HDTV

“Canadian gamers have been waiting since 2004 for the conclusion to one of the top-selling video game franchises in history and the response from gamers has been overwhelming,” said Ryan Bidan, Product Manager – Games, Xbox Canada. “In conjunction with the launch of Halo 3, we’re thrilled to kick off this Canadian exclusive contest on Xbox LIVE by giving gamers the chance to win a one-of-a-kind Halo 3 branded Volvo C30… the next best thing to a Warthog.”

In “Halo® 3,” the third instalment of the legendary story, the war has come to a climax; the Flood continues to grow in numbers and strength, the armies of Earth are scattered and decimated, and the Covenant threatens to activate the Halo, effectively destroying all life in the galaxy. Master Chief’s mission is to stop the Covenant, destroy the impending Flood threat and, ultimately, save humankind.

The “Halo” franchise is one of the entertainment industry’s biggest and most acclaimed series in history, with more than 14.8 million copies sold worldwide to date. The video game franchise, which has a total of eight game releases carrying the “Halo” name, has shipped on Xbox®, Xbox 360™ and Microsoft® Windows®-based platforms. The “Halo” franchise continues to change the way people think of interactive entertainment, storytelling and online social multiplayer experiences.

About Bungie Studios
Bungie Studios was founded in 1991 with two simple goals: to develop games that combine brilliant technology, beautiful art, intelligent stories and deep gameplay. Over the past 11 years the studio produced games like the “Marathon Trilogy” and the first two “Myth” titles, hailed as classics by critics and gamers around the world. Released in 2001 and 2004 respectively, “Halo: Combat Evolved and its sequel, “Halo 2,” have achieved phenomenal success on the Microsoft Xbox video game system and Windows with combined worldwide sales of more than 14.8 million copies. More information on Bungie can be found at

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About Volvo Cars of Canada Corp.
Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. is part of the Volvo Car Corporation of Göteborg, Sweden. The company provides marketing, sales, parts, service, technology and training support to the 43 Volvo automobile retailers across the country. The company’s product range includes the stylish and sporty C30, the elegant C70 hardtop convertible, the compact S40 sedan, the S60 sport sedan, the S80 flagship sedan, the versatile V50 wagon and the award-winning XC90 sport utility vehicle. For 2008, the company is introducing two all-new models: the redesigned V70 wagon and the capable and comfortable XC70.

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