Better Energy Systems Announces a Bigger and Badder SOLIO Hybrid Charger

Berkeley, CA – September 27, 2007 – Better Energy Systems, a leader in the design and manufacturing of award-winning sustainable energy technologies, today announced the introduction of its Solio® Hybrid1000® – the latest addition to the company’s expanding collection of easy-to-use renewable energy products.

The ultimate accessory for fueling outdoor adventures or ‘book-bagging’ across campus, the slim and sleek Hybrid1000 is capable of powering an array of mobile devices without relying on conventional power sources. By combining a high efficiency solar panel with a large capacity integrated Lithium-Ion battery, the Hybrid1000 has the ability to keep any hand-held electronic device charged on the go.

Housed in a rugged, weatherproof case, the Hybrid1000 offers all of the energy output as the award-winning Solio® Classic®, boasting sophisticated internal circuitry, a built-in output cable, and a multitude of interchangeable tips – all allowing for universal compatibility with current and future portable electronic devices; including mobile phones, PDAs, music players, digital cameras, GPS systems and game consoles.

Moreover, with its ability to hybrid charge, the Hybrid1000 can be powered by the sun, through its built-in solar panel or plugged into the USB port of any computer to recharge the internal battery.

The Hybrid1000 is also carbon neutral, designed with a cradle-to-cradle approach to minimize waste and pollution. Beyond the product’s ability to harness clean solar energy, Better Energy Systems plans to support renewable energy projects in Africa to offset the CO2 created by the production of the Hybrid1000.

A true power solution, additional features of the Better Energy Systems Hybrid1000 include:
• Easy-to-use, portable power works anywhere, anytime
• Runs on free and green energy
• Charge mobile devices without the need for a power outlet
• 5-Watt output charges virtually any hand-held device
• 6 Volt 100mA solar panel generates energy from the sun
• Internal Lithium Ion battery stores power for up to 1 year
• Battery level indicator accurately informs user of supply
• Integrated carabiner-clip handle provides carrying versatility
• USB cord allows for charge from personal computer
• Dimensions: 198mm x 68mm x 18mm
• Super rugged, weatherproof and lightweight design
• MSRP – $79.00

Compact, rugged, renewable, and practical, the new Hybrid1000 achieves maximum power at a minimum size and price.

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