If you haven't managed to pick up a Nintendo 3DS yet, this upcoming Black Friday is going to be your best opportunity yet. Not only will the handheld be the cheapest it's ever been at $99.99, but that price tag will be attached to two limited edition units.

One is black and one is white, but both are covered with a subtle Mushroom Kingdom-themed skin; Mario, coins, goombas, Toad, you name it. It looks pretty fancy, and $99 is only twenty bucks more expensive than the 3D-less Nintendo 2DS.

Who knows what's going to become of the 3DS now that Nintendo is focusing on their upcoming Switch console, but it remains a fantastic piece of mobile gaming and with games like Pokemon Sun and Moon and Super Mario Maker on their way, you have more than just the existing library to chew on. There are a million reasons to invest in one if you haven't already, and the limited edition design is just icing on the cake.

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