GoPro teased their "Fusion" 360-degree camera a few months ago in April. They didn't give much in the way of details, other than that there was a 5.2k-resolution camera on the way and it had a crazy feature called "OverCapture" that would allow you to make regular videos out of spherical captures.

Well we're about to know more, now that GoPro will be using the camera in the Mountain Games. The event, which GoPro sponsors, might be the perfect opportunity to show the world what this new camera is capable of.

Here's a little rundown of what we know about the camrea right now: it's gunmetal gray, has grip-friendly textured edges, and is slightly bigger than the Hero5 Black. It's got two lenses, which are set in the front and the rear without a standard protection cap, so that the camera can get a full 180-degree view. It's also completely square, even though the marketing makes it look more oblong. It also has a small LCD display for delivering information.

We'll know more soon!

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