Well, Computex Taipei 2012 is right around the corner and everyone is out to show up everyone else with their version of a product. This year we will be seeing a lot of oneupmanship going on. GIGABYTE looks to be the first to step far enough ahead to prevent that from being the case with the new GIGABYTE X11 Ultra Lightweight Notebook.

Well GIGABYTE seems to be either ending or restarting the race to build the thinnest notebook on the market. The X11’s claim to fame is not only its 0.3 cm to 1.65 cm profile, but only weighs 975 grams (2.149 lbs.) I think my phone weights over a 1 lb. While my phone does a lot of notebook like things, it does not have the 11.6 inch screen, carbon fiber body (6 times stronger than aluminum), and 128 GB SSD the GIGABYTE X11 does.

While I am sure the X11 will not be breaking any performance records, I am sure it will sip power do its job thanks to the power of the 3rd Generation Intel Core processor.

And if you need just a little bit more here and there, GIGABYTE is also releasing the U2442. It is basically the X11 ++ by being a little thicker, a little heavier, but also packing the big guns. This 14″ Notebook comes with an Nvidia GT 650M discrete GPU, the 3rd generation Intel Core processor, THX TruStudio, and a 1600 x 900 screen. For the same $999 to $1299 price as the X11, the U2442 could be the right blend of power and portability you need.

Finally for all of the people like me who can’t afford all the Ultra Thinness that is the X11 and U2442, GIGABYTE also has their U2440. This notebook comes in at $699 USD with the same class of Intel processor as the others, THX TruStudio audio, Nvidia 630M, 14 inch screen, and support for Intel Rapid Start via mSATA. Even without a small SSD to take advantage of the Intel Rapid Start, the 1 TB of storage space should help you not remember it.

All of these great notebooks support wireless N Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. The GIGABYTE U2440 is the only one with an actual optical drive, if you need one of those. It is a very nicely round line up with the X11 as the standout. And GIGABYTE knows these as the models selected seemed to be, just like the X11, just a little thinner than I expected.

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GIGABYTE Launches the Lightest, the Fastest and the Most Affordable Lightweight Notebooks

X11 Ultra Lightweight, U2442 Ultra Powerful, U2440 Ultra Affordable

  • GIGABYTE X11 the lightest 11.6’’ full carbon fiber notebook on earth weighing only 975g. Street price from $999~1,299 USD (tax excluded) on the market in July.
  • GIGABYTE U2442 series lightweight notebook weighs only 1.57 kg* and measures the thinnest part at 1.85 cm with powerful performance and ultra mobility. Street price from $999~1,299 USD (tax excluded) on the market in mid June.
  • Light and thin GIGABYTE U2440 notebook is powered by the latest 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® discrete graphics. Street price from $699 USD (tax excluded) on the market in end June.

GIGABYTE is presenting new exciting notebook models with sleek design and redefines the standard for lightweight notebooks by launching three ultra lightweight notebooks X11, U2442 and U2440. Being the lightest notebook on earth weighing only 975 g and having the thickness of only 0.3 cm at its thinnest, the X11 is the lightest ultra notebook and the only full carbon fiber notebook on earth. It is made through six stages of rigorous production processes by applying woven diamond technique which resulted in a breath-taking feather weight design. GIGABYTE also launched the 14’’ U2442 with an elegant shuttle streamline design featuring 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors, NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 650M / GT 640M discrete graphics, THX TruStudio Pro™ audio technology and 1600×900 HD+ display to realize the possibility of the existence of both light weight and performance for multimedia enjoyment and to redefine the lightweight notebook standard. GIGABYTE U2440 is the revolution of a mainstream 14’’ notebook with its stylish and thin design. It is powered by 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors, NVIDIA® GeForce® GT630M discrete graphics, supports up to 1TB HDD storage for practicability and has a built-in ODD in its thin body. The street price is only from $699 USD (tax excluded) to be the most affordable lightweight notebook on the market.

GIGABYTE X11 Full Carbon Fiber Made – The Lightest Notebook on Earth

GIGABYTE created the ultra thin form factor with high-tech carbon fiber with superior design capability and superb technique, making the 975 g X11 the lightest 11.6’’ notebook on earth. Carbon fiber is light yet tough; therefore X11 is exceptionally durable. The specific strength of carbon notebook is 6 times stronger than of an aluminum notebook; meanwhile it comes with higher elasticity coefficients. The design details of X11 are comprehensively calculated to make the thinnest part stand at only 0.3 cm, the thickest part at 1.65 cm. The streamline design makes the perfect interpretation of delicate notebook crafts.

GIGABYTE X11 The Woven Diamond Technique

X11 is made by unique diamond weaving technique with careful application of transparent or black paint coating, forming the amazing Woven Diamond and Black Diamond classics X11. The Woven Diamond exposes the beauty of the original glaze carbon black and diamond weaving patterns. The Black Diamond applies the lacquer on the cover to show the meticulous texture. All the carbon fiber covers need to be examined thoroughly and polished by the craftsmen to ensure the perfect chassis shape for X11. It is designed both externally and functionally by taking cues from the aggressive and sleek looks of a sports car presenting a special 3D arc design. The handmade X11 is definitely worth having as a collection. The elegantly hidden aluminum hinge looks just like the sleek silver wheels of a profound super sports car, adding a low-key luxurious and speedy look for the X11. Taking inspiration from the exhausts of super cars, the GIGABYTE R&D team has developed the dual air vent design that efficiently exports the heat of the laptop, and also makes cooling even more efficient with its application of aluminum materials. X11 therefore has a cool and smooth operation just like a sports car.

GIGABYTE X 11 Superb Performance, Superior Multimedia Enjoyment

GIGABYTE X11 has fantastic design and superb performance of a sports car. It is powered by 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors, Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium or Genuine Windows® 7 Professional, 128 GB SSD, 10 times faster USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0. X11 also enhances the multimedia ability by adapting a 16:9 HD screen with LED backlight to make the images crisp and vivid. X11 makes the largest resonator and large diaphragm monomer in the extremely thin chassis that provides a rich and large sound. Also with the adjustments of wave lengths and increasing the bass frequency, the bass performance is lower and clearer, providing an immersive audio experience.

GIGABYTE X11 Faster and Smarter

GIGABYTE X11 is not only extremly thin, great for multimedia, but it’s also ultimately smart. With Intel® Rapid Start Technology and Intel® Anti-Theft Technology built-in, X11 bolds the computing intelligence and data secutriy ability. The Smart Recovery allows hassle-free system restore. Just click on F9 when the computer is booting up to launch Smart Recovery and quickly restore the notebook system.

GIGABYTE U2442 Ultra Performance with Sleek Design

Except the lightest carbon notebook X11, GIGABYTE also launched the 14’’ U2442. The U2442 is exceptionally designed with a sleek form factor that is just 1.57kg and thinness from 18.5-21 mm with an elegant shuttle streamline design. It is powered by 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 650M / GT 640M discrete graphics reaching 3DMark Vantage at 9,587 points. The U2442 has a dual air vent design (one for CPU and one for GPU) that efficiently eliminates heat and keeps noise to a minimum. Despite the powerful features and thin form factor, the unique venting system is able to effectively keep the notebook from overheating. It also boasts an automatic light sensing backlight keyboard. This excellent feature adjusts the light to external conditions and allows getting work done even under low light conditions.

GIGABYTE U2442 Ultra Performance with Entertainment Enjoyment

The U2442 also provides an awesome audio and multimedia experience with a fantastic HD+ 1600×900 display and THX® TruStudio Pro™ audio technology. THX TruStudio Pro™ groundbreaking audio technology comes equipped on the U2442 and is designed to provide outstanding performance by effectively eliminating sound distortion, enhancing volume and reinforcing even the smallest details of the sound. Enjoy 3D/Full HD Entertainment with HDMI 1.4 on external displays! It transfers the U2442 into a home entertainment center by connecting to an external display. Now play the latest multimedia and enjoy it in stunning full HD quality on a large external screen. It also supports several stereoscopic 3D formats as a standard output and can be used for 3D enjoyment. The innovative quick battery status check allows seeing how much battery power is remaining when the notebook is off. Simply click on the right mouse button and the LED lights will light up to indicate how much battery power is remaining.

GIGABYTE U2440 Stylish Mobility at its Finest

The 14” U2440 is elegantly designed with an attractive aluminum dark gray cover and is very thin and lightweight. Despite its thin size, the U2440 comes packed with exceptional features, including an intelligent 3rd Generation Intel® Core processors, an excellent NVIDIA® GeForce® 630M GPU and an ODD in a thin form factor of 21.5 mm. The notebook has a huge 1TB HDD and supports an mSATA for Intel® Rapid Start, which allows the notebook to resume from sleep mode in seconds. The U2440 provides an awesome audio and multimedia experience with a fantastic HD display and THX® TruStudio Pro™ audio technology. The notebook is loaded with many other fantastic things, including USB 3.0 for 10X faster data transfers, HDMI 1.4 supporting 3D/HD output and the energy efficient Bluetooth 4.0 and much more to exceed expectation with a great price from $699 USD (tax excluded).


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