The AIO platform design is much more akin to laptops than the desktop PC due to its small size, restrictive form factor, and minimal aftermarket upgrade options. GIGABYTE’s new Thin Mini-ITX H77TN and B75TN looks to expand the All-In-One PC design with custom build options.

The Mini_ITX H77TN and B75TN are both with Intel’s AIO specs. The also support LGA 1155 Intel processors, two 204-pin DDR3 laptop DIMMs, 4x PCIe slot, and mSATA support all with a 17 cm x 17 cm x 2.3 cm design. The ultra low profile allows DIY builders to include this board into very tight spaces with the help of creative cooling solutions.

While All-In-One (AIO) PCs and Mini-ITX are not new, you can now start a DIY project within the AIO spec. I am sure we will see the GIGABYTE H77TN and B75TN used in a number of interesting mods as well once they are available.


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GIGABYTE Launch Thin Mini-ITX Series Motherboards

Leading the Development of the DIY All-in-One PC Ecosystem

February 20th, 2013 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announced the debut of its latest motherboards series based on the Thin Mini-ITX form factor. The new GIGABYTE H77TN and B75TN motherboards enable the creation of slim and compact All-In-One (AIO) PC designs that adhere to Intel’s AIO PC specification.

Featuring a low profile design that is 43% thinner than traditional Mini-ITX motherboards, GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX motherboards offer a full featured PC experience with performance and specification options that you’d expect from a traditional desktop PC setup. In addition, GIGABYTE’s Thin Mini-ITX motherboards also offer flexible power input and IO expansion specifications that make them suitable for a broad range of commercial and industrial PC designs that also conform to Intel’s Thin Mini-ITX specification.

“GIGABYTE’s Thin Mini-ITX motherboards underline our commitment to the desktop PC market and cement our leadership position in the high growth AIO segment,” commented Henry Kao, Vice President of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit. “By embracing new form factors like Thin Mini-ITX, GIGABYTE is enabling continued innovation in desktop PC design while also opening doors to market segments, such as industrial PCs, that we have not traditionally serviced.”

“IDC is expecting the AIO growth rate to be about 26% over the next three years. It is no surprise that AIO is the hot growth market for desktop systems in 2013 and beyond. We are thrilled to see GIGABYTE participating in the development of this important AIO ecosystem”, said Steve Dallman, Intel Vice President for the Reseller Channel. “In particular, we are excited to see GIGABYTE enabling new products, based on the Intel® B75 and H77 Express chipsets, for both small business and home platforms. I look forward to the new AIO systems, built upon these new GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX motherboards that will soon be in the market”.

GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX Motherboards

The GIGABYTE H77TN and GIGABYTE B75TN motherboards are based on the Intel® H77 and B75 chipsets supporting 2nd and 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors. At just 17 cm x 17 cm, and a mere 2.5 cm high, GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX motherboards also integrate flexible power specifications that include a selectable panel power driver, selectable back light power including 12v and 19v options, and a wide 12v to 19v voltage input range for a variety of power source options.

GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX motherboards also offer excellent IO flexibility with a x4 PCI Express expansion slot accompanied by both mSATA and Mini PCIe slots offering a wide range of modern and legacy IO options.

The Thin Mini-ITX: A Quickly Evolving Eco-system

Thin Mini-ITX builds on the popular and mature 17 cm x 17 cm Mini-ITX form factor, adding an additional 2.5cm IO shield height limitation that ensures compatibility with thinner chassis and builds. Other optimizations such as CPU socket placement and SODIMM memory come together to make a form factor that is built to power sleek system designs that don’t compromise on performance and features.

Several All-in-One chassis designs that follow Thin Mini-ITX guidelines are currently available and dozens more expected later in 2013, Most of the chassis combine touch-capable HD displays, internal cooling component and are geared to work seamlessly with GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX motherboards.

GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX motherboards make an excellent choice in a range of slim-line industrial and commercial spaces including POS systems, casino gaming PCs, industrial PCs and digital signage units. However a GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX motherboard is the starting point for any DIY user or enthusiast builder looking to create their own All-in-One PC.

To learn more about GIGABYTE Thin-Mini-ITX motherboards, and how to build your own All-in-One system, please visit this page of the GIGABYTE website:

To see a video detailing how to build your own DIY All-in-One PC with GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX, please visit here.


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