There have been a few other solutions on the market that let you mirror your smartphone on your computer in some form or another. They seem nifty, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it was a feature baked right into your computer? Apparently, that’s something Microsoft is working on with an upcoming Windows 10 update that will let you view the notifications you’re receiving on your Android smartphone.

Let’s say that you have your phone charging in the other room and you don’t hear it ringing. That missed call can pop up in the notifications area on your Windows 10 PC. The same can apply for inbound text messages and other similar notifications. The way it works is through the Cortana app for Android which could then push those notifications into the cloud, getting retrieved by your PC accordingly.

Before you get all excited about replying to your text messages on your computer, it sounds like you’ll only be able to dismiss the notifications. If you want to return that missed call, you’ll have to get up to call the person (or call them using Google Hangouts for free). Microsoft says the same kind of functionality will be extended to Windows Phone but not to the Apple iPhone, mostly because Cortana for iOS is much more restricted in what it can do.

There’s no specific timeline for when this will start working, though Microsoft has indicated that it will come to a “future version” of Windows. Could it be a part of the Anniversary Update to Windows 10 scheduled for this summer? Or do we have to wait even longer?

Via The Verge

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