Fractal, one of the recent new comers to the PC world, has been doing a lot to make people notice their PC case. The most important thing they have been doing is creating really well-built and designed PC cases. What better advertisement do you need other than “we create great products.” Well, now they are expanding into HTPC and home server cases with the Node series.

Is sleek and sexy in style right now? The correct question would be is sleek and sexy ever not in style? The Node 304 and Node 605 keep sharp edges, changes in surface height, and visual ports to a minimum here. This ensures the forward-facing look will match anything in your media center area.

First up is the Node 304 which is clearly home server-ish case with space for up to 6 HDDs, minimalistic design, silent fans, two USB 3.0 ports, and support for ATX standard PSUs. The Node 304 could also make a great family PC as it can stand up to punishment thanks to the steel/aluminum build. It is also only $89.90 USD which puts it at a very good price point for this style of case.

Up next is the Node 605 which is clearly the HTPC with the standard rectangular shape. It does feature space for a full sized ATX motherboard, four HDDs, and a graphics card up to 280 mm (11 inches). You do lose some space with a fully loaded HDD section, bringing it down to 180 mm (7 inches). With a multi-card reader, FireWire, and USB 3.0 support on the front panel, the intent for this case is clear. It is a nice package at $159 USD.

I guess it is no surprise that I like the look of the Fractal Node Series, which will be available in August 2012.

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Fractal Designs eNews

Introducing the Node Series

We are proud to announce a completely new family of cases called Node. Keeping with the tradition of Fractal Design, the Node cases encompass a minimalistic, sleek and stylish Scandinavian Design.

The concept behind the Node family is to provide a series of cases that can be integrated into your home, giving you both design and entertainment.

Node 304

The unique and versatile modular interior design of the Fractal Design Node 304 compact computer case can be adapted according to specific needs and components. Featuring hybrid functionality, the Node 304 case is ideally used as a cool-running file server, a stylish and quiet home theatre PC or a powerful gaming system.

  • Compact, modular interior
  • Unique new modular mounting system that accommodates up to 6 hard drives
  • Three Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fans included
  • Excellent cooling for all components
  • Fan controller for all fans included
  • Filtered air intakes ensure a dust-free environment for internal components
  • Accommodates tower CPU coolers and single-fan water cooling systems
  • Accommodates ATX power supplies
  • USB 3.0 for fast file transfers
  • Minimalistic design with an elegant aluminum front panel

Will be available in August

Node 605

Featuring a stunning exterior appearance accompanied by a modern, black interior with sound and vibration dampening materials, the Fractal Design Node 605 supports a full ATX motherboard as well as a graphics card up to 280 mm in length.

Cleverly hidden behind the access panel on the solid 8mm thick aluminum front panel are two USB 3.0 ports, a FireWire port and a multi-format card reader for multiple formats.


  • Solid aluminum front panel
  • Supports full ATX motherboards
  • Noise-dampening material
  • 4 HDD/SSD slots
  • Integrated card reader
  • Two Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fans included
  • Supports graphic cards up to 280mm in length (180mm with all hard drives in place)
  • USB 3.0 and FireWire front connectors

Will be available in August

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