Fall is kind of a free zone for dieters, in that the weather is turning colder and we all want comfort food, summer is over so you no longer have to worry about wearing a bathing suit in public, and you’re in general wearing heavier, bulkier clothing. But for those of us who are still trying to remain on a healthy eating schedule, FoodTweeks could help us maintain our goals while also doing some good for our communities.

FoodTweeks is a free app available through either the iTunes App Store or Google Play which shows you how to “tweek” your chosen meal to cut calories. From there, those calories are donated to a local food bank. How does that work? FoodTweeks makes a donation to your food bank for the equivalent of how many calories you subtracted from your meal. All at absolutely no cost to you! What could be easier?

In addition to suggesting ways you can reduce the calories of whatever food you’re about to eat, FoodTweeks will remember what reductions worked for you so the next time all you have to do is enter what you’re eating in the app and the calories you saved will automatically be donated. And it’s not like they suggest major “tweeks” or too many all at once; you’ll be encouraged to reduce the amount of mayonnaise or perhaps skip the cheese rather than totally revamping your food. Of course, the more “tweeks” you use, the more calories you reduce from your diet and donate to the needy, but it’s up to you how much change you can handle. You can always add more later, and you aren’t limited to the suggested “tweeks”… they encourage you to add your own as well.

If your local food bank is not currently participating in the program, tell them to join the network so they can benefit. It’s free for them as well (as long as they meet 501(c)(3) standards), so you’d think they would want to do so. At no cost to you and at a great benefit to local food banks, why not download this now?

Source: TreeHugger

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