Allow me to let you in on a little secret about myself: all I really want out of life is to feel like a secret agent. I dont want to be a secret agent; that sounds terrifying. I just want to feel like James Bond or Ethan Hunt. Smartwatches were a good step in that direction. Fleksy may have just sealed the deal.

At CES 2014, Fleksy showed off their on-screen keyboard software on a Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It looks exactly like it does on smartphones, but shrunk down to fit the Gears tiny screen. So yeah, its small, probably too small for my fat sausage fingers, but according to The Verge, its auto-correct feature works as well as ever, undoing any damage done by the small keys.

While theres no app store for the Gear, you can install Fleksy now by grabbing the APK from Google Play and sideloading it into your smartwatch.




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