The NVIDIA SHIELD has been released in the wild. NVIDIA’s handheld Android-based gaming system is available for purchase as five new games have been added to the TegraZone and the Google Play store with Tegra enhancements and SHIELD support.

Chuck’s Challenge 3D and Space Ark are both free of charge. Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin costs $0.99 (and is sure to fulfill all of your sword needs). Tainted Keep and Choplifter HD will run you $4.99 each. Choplifter HD was released for PC and consoles in January of last year to good, but not great, reviews.

I’m very curious to see how the NVIDIA SHIELD performs, both critically and financially. $300 is a pretty hefty price tag, but compared to what you’d pay for an equivalently-powered smartphone or tablet, it’s actually a pretty good deal. Early reviews have been a little mixed, but more positive than not. The price has been criticized, as well as the lack of Android games. Time will tell if a bigger library leads to more success.

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