You know how Mobilicity and Wind Mobile operate on the AWS band, similar to how T-Mobile USA largely operated until it started upgrading its network infrastructure? This was all fine and dandy until Rogers decided to buy Mobilicity earlier this year. While some smartphones have the suitable bands to work under the new Rogers overlords, not all of them do. And some Mobilicity customers could be left out in the network-free cold.

Fear not, AWS-only users. Rogers wants to help you out ahead of this transition period, because you’re going to lose access to the AWS spectrum on December 31. By that time, you’ll need to have a phone that can work on the Rogers 3G/LTE network. What if you don’t want to spend all that much money? Well, Rogers is going around discounting a whole series of smartphones specifically for this purpose.


The offer apparently only runs until October 14, but some of these discounts are pretty decent. Check out this screenshot taken by RFD user lumpen. The Moto E, for instance, can be had for a cool price of $0.00, netting you a savings of about $130. Similarly, you can upgrade to the Moto G for $140, the 2014 Moto X for $320, or the Galaxy Grand Prime for $180.

To see if your current Mobilicity phone will work with the new Rogers network, check this phone replacement page. That’s also where you can order up your replacement phone with the discounts noted above.

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