An ageing population brings about concerns for their well-being, while at the same time it’s hard for us to see our parents or grandparents as often as we’d like. It’s not uncommon for folks to go months without seeing their parents, or weeks without talking to them. If your elderly relatives are living alone and something happens, a frightening length of time could pass before anyone knows it. Sure, there are the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” buttons, but I know several people who would refuse to wear one.

Evermind offers a possible solution that could work well for both the elderly person in question and their concerned relative. It looks just like a regular power outlet, but it contains sensors that tell you when whatever is plugged into it has been used. For instance, if you know your mother watches TV every morning, or your dad always makes a pot of coffee, you can put one on each of those outlets. Evermind will register when they’re turned on and off, and send you custom alerts if something changes. You can either get an alert when the appliances are used as normal, or you can choose to receive an alert when they are not.

While many of us can’t imagine not having home WiFi, many people, especially the elderly, don’t have it. What’s really nice is Evermind doesn’t depend on the home having a WiFi network. Instead, it operates on its own independent Internet connection, so your relative doesn’t need to add another unwanted service.

Each Evermind kit includes three sensors, so you can place them as needed on the most-used appliances around your relative’s home. I would think you should put them on things they use at various times of the day, so you stand less of a chance of it being several hours before you find out something is wrong. A set of three Evermind sensors costs $200.00 US, and the monthly service fee is $29.00 US.

Source: ChipChick

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