I am mercilessly frugal when it comes to anything that doesn’t involve food. That includes mobile apps, even the ones that can be had for less than a buck. This stinginess has saved me from the countless scam applications that have been popping up in various mobile stores. What these apps do is mimic other, popular apps that are otherwise free and trick unaware users into paying an unnecessary premium.

Microsoft has had enough of these no-good scam artists and the company is cracking down. According to Microsoft’s Windows Apps and Store general manager Todd Brix, the company is about to take it up a notch in regards to how strict they enforce their policies. The Windows Phone App store updated its policies earlier this year, but it hasn’t done much to curb the influx of scammers. According to the policy, both app names and icons must be clear so that consumers won’t get them confused with other apps. According to Brix, Microsoft is currently combing the Windows Store looking for apps that violate this policy.

Microsoft has also been reaching out to app developers who haven’t been playing by the rules and asked them to alter what needs to be altered, but while most of them have agreed to comply, others haven’t been so cooperative. Microsoft has responded by removing over 1,500 apps from the store. Brix notes that this is a situation where there is no perfect solution, but they’re doing what they can and trying to stay on top of things.

Brix’s comments might seem a littled canned to some, but he’s right. They can only do so much and there will always be fraudulent developers finding ways through the cracks. They don’t want to make the rules so strict that they hurt honest developers trying to get their work out there. I think the most effective solution is for consumers to be aware and rate and review apps accordingly.

via The Verge


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