Do you love Dropbox as much as we do? Do you wish that you had even more cloud storage for all your photos, music, videos and documents? Dropbox thinks you do and they’re not going to charge you anything extra for it.

If you already subscribe to one of the paid Dropbox Pro plans, your cloud storage capacity is going to get doubled later on tonight. The Pro 50 for 50GB of storage will get bumped to 100GB while retaining the same $9.99/month or $99/year pricing. The Pro 100 for 100GB of storage will get an equivalent doubling to 200GB, again staying at the same $19.99/month of $199/year price point. And, as always, you can earn even more storage by referring your friends (1GB per referral to a maximum of 32GB of bonus space).

What’s that? A hundred gigs still isn’t enough for you? Dropbox is saying that they’ll have a new 500GB plan that’ll join the mix this evening too. That’s in addition to the existing Dropbox for Teams service where you start at 100GB of storage for five users, adding 200GB for each additional user.

Is this Dropbox responding to Google Drive? Maybe!

Via Dropbox

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