Rather than having various pieces of paper strewn around the plane, pilots and flight crews use electronic flight bags, commonly called EFBs, to efficiently perform air travel-related tasks. Certain airlines are now incorporating iPads into their EFBs and airplane manufacturer Airbus is developing a “FlySmart with Airbus” series of apps to help ease that incorporation.

iPad-equipped pilots will be able to calculate flight data and peruse flight manuals on their tablets when the apps are released “soon” on the app store. Don’t go thinking that you’ll be able to snag the apps yourself and learn how to fly a plane. For obvious reasons, that’s a big security risk, so the apps won’t be available to the general public.

I love how technology is helping to streamline certain processes, but do pilots really need manuals for the planes that they’re flying? Are they learning how to fly while they’re flying? I’ll be on a plane tomorrow and now I’m going to spend the entire flight worrying that the pilot is thumbing through a manual, wondering what all the buzzing noises and flashing lights mean.

via The Verge

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