It's time again for one of my favourite things: flash drives in all sorts of varieties and colours!

First up is the R2D2 drive. He's available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB and has a silicone casing. It's a little disturbing to me that you have to pop his head off to use him, but that's how it works. Pricing ranges from $16.99 US to $34.50 US depending on capacity.
Source: GeekAlerts

Next up is quite literally a data vault. Unfortunately, the parent site for this one is in Russian, so I have very little information to offer you about it. As idea on capacity, availability, or price. But doesn't it look neat? It actually acts as a five-wheel combination lock to prevent access to the USB drive within.
Source: Technabob

Moving into the more practical, we have Sony's 64GB drive. Yes, you read that right...64GB.

It's also available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB if you don't need that much capacity, but you'll definitely want the big papa if you can afford it. Externally they're pretty boring as they only come in black and white, but their ridiculously huge capacity makes up for it.

They feature File Rescue and xPict Story and a 360-degree LED to show when data is moving. Unfortunately, these will apparently only be released in Asia-Pacific markets, and price has yet to be announced.
Source: Ubergizmo

Getting back to things you can actually purchase around these parts... carabiner flash drives! I don't know that I would hang them like shower curtain hooks as pictured, but being able to clip them to a bag or belt loop will be invaluable, especially if you're one of those people like me who is constantly losing yours. They only come in 4GB, but are available in five different colours (black, white, blue, green and red). Each one will run you $43.40 US (again...yes, you read that right). Maybe you can purchase them, but do you really want to?
Source: 7 Gadgets

These are entirely too cute. What little girl wouldn't want a panda flash drive? This one is completely encased in a removable water-resistant silicone casing and is available in 4GB or 8GB. There is a hole through one ear for a lanyard. Pricing is $24.95 US for the 4GB and $29.95 US for the 8GB.
Source: GeekAlerts

Wires? We don't need no stinkin' wires! The Maxell AirStash is a wireless flash drive which will allow media streaming and 2-way wireless document transfer capability. This is touted to combine the best of both worlds with the portability of a USB flash drive and the flexibility of SD flash media. No word yet on when it will be available or how much it'll set you back, as it was just announced earlier this month.
Source: Ubergizmo

I want several of these, as should anyone who regularly uses their laptop actually on their lap. You can only whack a USB drive so many times before it won't work any more, and laptop designers apparently think that putting the USB ports on the side of the case is the best location. Of course, there's also the issue of constantly losing the caps to flash drives...something else designers really need to work on. But the beauty of this offering from Verbatim is it is so small you don't have to remove it until you need to transfer something to another location! It sticks out only 5mm from the port! It's available in 4GB ($19.99 US), 8GB ($29.99 US) and 16GB ($59.99 US).
Source: The Gadgeteer

OK, these aren't flash drives, but they made me giggle. If your desktop computer is one of those where the USB ports are hidden around the back, you need some kind of extension. You probably also need tape. Why not combine the two in a silly thing like these elephant tape dispenser/USB ports? They come in three colours (white, orange and green). For only $6.00 US, why not pick one up? They're silly fun!
Source: Craziest Gadgets

For the militarily inclined, we have some Cyber Snipa USB Dog Tags. But they don't just contain a USB flash drive (from 512MB to 4GB - your choice), they also have the tools you're going to need when you're over at a friend's house and you need to quick take a look at their computer. You get two screwdrivers, a light, a mini pair of pliers, and a bottle opener (if you don't know why you need a bottle opener, you don't spend enough time fixing other people's computers for "free"). These can be worn just like regular dog tags, although I hear the Army does not consider them an acceptable substitute. You can pick yours up for just $20.00 US today.
Source: Red Ferret

Did someone say "Swiss Army"? I thought so! Victorinox is offering up their Swiss Army Slim and Slim Duo USB flash drives. They are supposed to be water- and shock-resistant, as well as TSA-approved. They come in several colours (silver, blue, orange, pink and green). Pricing starts at $39.99 US (4GB) for the Slim and $349.99 US (128GB) for the Slim Duo. The Slim comes in 4GB, 8GB 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities.
Source: Ubergizmo

Closing out our little dog and pony show is the Sandisk Ultra USB Flash Drive. Available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, these feature a sliding USB connector so there are no caps to lose. The best part is that, unlike cheaper imitations, the connector locks into place once you slide it out. You have to push down on the button to move it in either direction, meaning no worries about it arbitrarily opening and breaking in your pocket. The 8GB version is $47.99 US and the 16GB is $82.99 US from the company store, but you can find much better prices by shopping around.
Source: Oh Gizmo!

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