By now, you’ve surely heard about Sony’s PR nightmare. You’ve surely heard about the information from millions of accounts around the world has been compromised by hackers, including credit card information. That’s not good. But this got me thinking: did Microsoft miss something here?

Even before Sony announced that it would be trying to roll out the red carpet for the return of its PSN users, why didn’t Microsoft capitalize on this opportunity? It’s clear enough that the Xbox 360 competes directly against the PlayStation 3, so why didn’t Microsoft launch a counter-campaign touting the benefits of Xbox Live over PlayStation Network?

Maybe they don’t want to go there, but marketing in the consumer electronics and gaming industries has never really been about keeping it clean. Sega took plenty of shots at Nintendo, Sony took plenty of shots at Nintendo… why wouldn’t Microsoft issue some sort of special promotion during this time, enticing PS3 owners over to the Xbox 360 side of the gaming equation? And while they’re at it, they can say how much better Kinect is than PS Move…. and how they’d never let that security breach happen on the Xbox servers (until it does and then they’re hooped too).

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