The Corsair Force GT SSDs hit the market a while back and have since carved out a nice place among buyers. The one complaint many may have is the 60 GB and 120 GB models are just north of adequate. Well this time around, Corsair is keeping the insane speeds with the additional capacity. The new 180 GB and 240 GB Force GT SSDs should be available immediately.

There honestly is nothing new about these drives. They come with out-of-box performance of up to 85K Random Write IOPS, read speeds of up to 555 MB/s, and write speeds of up to 525 MB/s just like the smaller counterparts. They still can be easily spotted at any retailer by the fire-engine red color. To ensure compatibility, these also come with a 3.5″ adapter to fit most 5.25″ bays.

If you are in the market for an SSD, and want Corsair quality plus enough space for all your games, then these drives should be at the top of your consideration list. As an AMD guy, the red and black colors are the icing on the cake.

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