Corsair continues to move closer and closer to allowing us to build a near 100% Corsair system. Since they have secured their position in the case and PSU markets, they look to concentrating on a smaller aspect of those two market segments. This time they bring us the Corsair Air Series Fans.

Corsair, unlike other brands, makes it very clear which fans are to be used for what purpose. There are two models in the new Air Fan Series: the AF and SP.  Both will have a quiet and performance version. Both models are also matte black finished to match most of Corsair’s cases with a unique color feature. You can swap the colored ring around the outside of the fan to match your system with either white, red, or blue color.

The AF (Air Flow) fans are design with long blades with a steep curve. These fans are designed to maintain a high level of airflow with minimal noise. These fans are intended for intake areas, unrestricted case sections, and low noise systems. The AF fans will come in 140 mm and 120 mm sizes at release.

The second model is the SP (Static Pressure) fans. These fans are designed to maintain a high level of static pressure. Ha, I see what you did there. These fans have a wider blade designed for restricted areas in case which need air flow to have more force behind it. These are ideally used for radiators, CPU coolers, and that slot in your case obstructed by hard drive racks.

At $16.99 for the 120 mm fans and $18.99 for the $140 mm fan, these are definitely premium items. These are Corsair products, so I can’t even imagine them failing. At the absolute worse they will be solid, well built fans that perfectly match with Corsair products. I hope, like the case and PSU markets, these fans force everyone else to step up their game.

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Corsair Adds Cooling Fans to Product Line
– New Corsair Air Series Fans Target Critical PC Hot Spots, with Superior Airflow, Lower-noise, and Customizable Looks –

May 3, 2012 — Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the new Air Series™ line of PC cooling fans. Unlike most other PC fans in the market, Corsair Air Series fans are offered in airflow and static pressure models, each specifically optimized for specific PC cooling roles.

Air Series fans are designed to deliver an extraordinary balance of airflow and low-noise to users who want to upgrade their PCs for quieter operation or higher performance. All feature an advanced hydraulic bearing system and rubber mounts for low-noise and reliability, and include red, white, and blue color rings to allow users to customize the look of their PC.

High Airflow Fans for Efficient Large-Volume Cooling

Air Series AF120 and AF140 airflow fans are designed to intake cool air into, and exhaust hot air out of, modern PCs. They are for ideal for mounting on the side, top, and rear of cases, to reduce component-killing heat. The airflow fans are designed with ultra-thin, custom-molded blades optimized to flow high volumes of air in unrestricted spaces with at least 3 cm of clearance. They are available in a 140 mm Quiet edition and in 120 mm Quiet and Performance editions.

High Static Pressure Fans for Efficient Cooling on Radiators or Heatsinks

Air Series SP120 fans deliver focused air pressure in situations where air needs to be blown through a restricted space making them ideal for cooling radiators and heatsinks. They feature seven ultra-wide, custom-molded blades and a custom enclosure that delivers high static pressure, while maintaining a quiet noise profile. Available in a 120 mm size, SP120 fans are available in Quiet and High Performance editions.

“Many PC fans on the market are general purpose designs that not always suited to the task which they’re assigned,” said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager of the Components Business Unit at Corsair. “We took our expertise in PC case and cooling and designed fans that have very specific uses. Each fan is the right tool for the right job.”

Pricing and Availability

Air Series fans are immediately available starting at a suggested retail price of $16.99 USD for AF120/SP120 fans and $18.99 USD for AF140 fans.

For more information on Air Series fans, please visit the cooling section of our web site and our Air Series fan blog post.


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