Summer heat is finally here, and while that makes me happier than I can even begin to express in words, it does bring a few minor problems. Like keeping your beer cold without having to buy stock in an ice company, for instance. Because there is only so much room in your refrigerator, especially if you’re also filling it with a host of cold salads and other food so you don’t have to cook. Most of us resort to putting beverages in a cooler, but then you go through kind of an astronomical amount of ice. But what else can you do?

Buy an eCool Beer Cooler, that’s what!

It uses no electricity, and requires no ice; it uses the natural cooling properties in the earth to keep your beverages at a suitable temperature for drinking. Best part is, you can put it anywhere in your yard that would be convenient! It’s intended to be a one-time installation, so you can keep it there year-round even though odds are really good you won’t want to actually keep your brews in it come winter. The eCool will hold up to 24 cans of your favourite beverage, and they are accessed with a hand crank.

Of course, this eCool solution is not going to keep your beer as cold as it would be if it were floating around in a cooler full of ice water, but it will keep it cool enough to drink without grimacing. How cold it gets will depend on how warm it is where you are as well, because obviously a higher ambient temperature will keep the ground warmer than a colder one. The thing is, this is actually pretty darn useful especially considering it requires no outside cooling or energy source.

If you think this is something that will work for you, you’ll have to spend about $300.00 US to get one. Which is really funny for me, to be honest. When I was a kid, we used to camp for a month at a time in the middle of the national forest, where if you didn’t bring it you didn’t have it. We used to bury a plastic milk crate about three feet down and keep our perishable items and beverages inside. We had a piece of sheet metal we kept on top of it, which we then covered with leaves. Worked like a charm.

The advantage to the eCool over that basically free system is not having to reach three feet down to get whatever you want… which can be invaluable if you’re hanging out around the campfire getting progressively tipsier.

Source: Ubergizmo

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