CISPA, the misguided (or misleading) Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, has been a concern for Internet users since it was introduced in late 2011. After being shot down by the Senate a year ago, the legislation resurfaced in February of this year and has since passed the House. Fortunately, it looks to be dead in the water for now.

According to the Senate Commerce Committee, the Senate doesn’t have much interest in CISPA. That’s the good part. However, the committee is looking to address CISPA’s concerns in a series of bills while hopefully avoiding the privacy issues that CISPA currently poses. While this definitely sounds promising, anyone familiar with US politics should be seeing multiple red flags.

The unlikely best case scenario is that the Senate effectively kills CISPA for good by passing its own fair, honest, and effective cybersecurity laws, rendering CISPA obsolete. The unfortunately more likely worst case scenario is that CISPA gets passed, in spirit and relatively undetected, by being divided up in chunks and tucked away in a multitude of unrelated bills.

Welcome to Washington.

via The Verge

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