T-Mobile is so confident in the strength of their mobile network that they’re taking the competition directly to Verizon, offering Big Red’s customers a chance to try the T-Mobile network for free, in a manner of speaking.

The T-Mobile deal is being called the “Never Settle Trial,” a pretty clear shot at Verizon’s use of the #NeverSettle hashtag as part of their own “Flipside Stories” campaign, which promotes their own network as the – say it with me, now – nation’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network.

T-Mobile isn’t arguing that their network is the largest or the most reliable, but they do think it’s the fastest, with CEO John Legere going so far as to say Verizon employs “trickery, gimmicks, and carrier BS.” Hashtag shots fired.

If Verizon customers want to give T-Mobile’s network a spin, they’ll need to have a compatible phone, but they won’t be required to trade in their old device. After switching their number to T-Mobile, they can try out the service for 14 days. If they’re not satisfied, as long as they return the phone within that two week period the carrier will refund “any trial costs from using T-Mobile,” which includes any restarting and activation fees that come with switching back to Verizon.

If the customer decides to stick with T-Mobile, the carrier will cover any early termination fees or devices payments to Verizon up to $650. That last part isn’t exclusive, but rather a standard T-Mobile offer. However, you have to pay off these fees up front, and you’ll be reimbursed in the form of trade-in credit and a Visa prepaid card.

Essentially this “free trial” is simply the promise of a refund, but it still provides a nice opportunity to check out another carrier.

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