Cineplex – one of Canada’s largest entertainment companies – islooking towards videogames and the rise of Esports as a way to bring in additional income through their movie theaters when movies flop and fail to do so. Videogame tournaments could provide a source of revenue during Hollywood’s off-season.

In July, Cineplex will be showing the documentary All Work All Play: The Pursuit of Esports Glory at 85 theaters across Canada, after which moviegoers can participate in a casual Esports competition in the theater. The move is intended to drum up interest in future competitions.

This wouldn’t be the first time Cineplex has dipped into the world of gaming. In 2013, a Cineplex theater located in Toronto hosted an EA Sports NHL 14 tournament to promote the game, and the company has rented out theaters to Xbox 360 players looking to play on the big screen.

Gaming is just getting more and more popular, and with the rise of home entertainment, the theater business is reportedly suffering. Cineplex is wise to turn their problem into their solution. As a gamer myself, while I have no interesting in Esports, the idea of gaming on a giant theater screen definitely piques my interest.

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