In perhaps one of the broadest sweeping statements I will ever make on this site, I think it’s pretty safe to say that e-mail is still the de facto form of communication on the Internet, particularly in the context of business. We have social media, messaging and video chat apps, to be sure, but we’ll always come back to e-mail. Unless someone tries to “kill it” yet again, like with the upcoming Microsoft Flow app for the iPhone.

So, what makes Microsoft Flow so different from all the other email apps that came before it? Well, it’s not completely changing our approach to e-mail in the same way that Inbox by Gmail or Mailbox by Dropbox are doing. Instead, Microsoft Flow is re-framing e-mail to appear more like an instant messenger. This encourages “fast, light-weight conversations in real-time.” These chats are brief, curt and to the point, like text messages.

flow1 copy

This can appear perfectly useful within the confines of Microsoft Flow itself, but people outside of that ecosystem may view your very brief responses as being a little too unprofessional. That being said, since Microsoft Flow will work within the Outlook container, it should have an instant user base among both regular consumers and corporate types alike.

The leaked screenshots give us some sense of what to expect from Microsoft Flow, but there is still no word on if and when the app will be launched for the iPhone (or any other platform for that matter).

Via Neowin and BGR

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