We’ve been watching this trend for a few years already and it’s become painfully obvious that mobile gaming certainly isn’t going anywhere. It’s continuing to grow as more people prefer to game on their smartphones and tablets, but they still desire that traditional console experience. And that’s why Bluetooth controllers like the Tt eSports Contour are so important.

You might remember when we first saw the Tt eSports mobile controller at Computex 2014 when it was still without a name and when Thermaltake couldn’t tell us all that much in terms of details. Here at CES 2015, the newly christened Tt eSports Contour is pretty much ready to roll to retail with very little in terms of changes compared to when we saw the early prototype last June.

The Tt eSports Contour still has a flip-up arm that can accommodate a variety of devices, including the mega-sized iPhone 6 Plus, or you can swing that clip down when you’d rather pair the wireless controller with your iPad and game that way instead.


If nothing else, one of the biggest differences between the Tt eSports Contour controller as we see it today and the version that we saw in Taipei is that this one will be for iOS7+ devices only with no baked-in support for Android. This is really coming from the certification process with Apple and Thermaltake is actively exploring the possibility of creating an Android friendly version in the near future.

Rounding out some of the key features include the dual analog sticks, the d-pad, and the two sets of shoulder trigger buttons, as well as an estimated battery life of over 10 hours. The MSRP should be $79.99 when the Tt eSports Contour controller hits retailers in the second quarter of this year. They’re just waiting for the guys in Cupertino to certify it.

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