Using the Android operating system on phones is so last year. Using Android on cameras is all the kids are talking about these days. The kids over at Polariod have unveiled the Polaroid iM1836, the world’s first Android-powered camera with a swappable lens. Earlier Android cameras, while impressive, were limited by their inability to use various lenses.

The iM1836 runs Android 4.1, also known as Jelly Bean, so it should be able to perform all of the photo editing and social networking tricks of other Android cameras. It comes equipped with a 10-30mm zoom lens, but the ability to swap that out is what’s going to make the camera appealing to photographers who fall a little more on the professional side of things.

The camera is capable of 18 megapixel photos and 1080p video and can connect directly to a TV through HDMI. There’s no data plan available, so you’ll have to use Wi-Fi or tether it to your smartphone. The iM1836 will ship in the first quarter of 2013 for $399.

via Mashable

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