It is no secret that Corsair is awesome. This is not my opinion, but a fact about the company’s products. Ok, maybe it is just my opinion, but I serious have trouble finding things to gripe about when it comes to products I purchase from them. This year seems to be starting off no different with updates to already great gaming items in the Vengeance lineup.

Vengeance K95 Gaming Keyboard


How do you go about creating a future award-winning product? You take a previously award-winning product and give it more features. The new Corsair Vengeance K95 keyboard is the Vengeance K90 with several new updates. The K95 now has MX Cherry Red switches for every key including the programmable macro keys, adjustable individual key backlights, 2-key rollover, and clad in a black anodized brushed aluminum chassis.

I am a little disappointed in the lack of innovation or originality with the K95; however, this is like saying I am disappointed in the Porsche 911 Turbo because it’s not that big an upgrade from the Porsche 911.

Vengeance M65 and M95 Gaming Mouse


Much like the K95, the Vengeance M65 and M95 come in as upgrades/updates to the previous models. The tracking laser has been replaced with a 8200 DPI resolution for a truly unneeded level of precision. The body of the mouse has also been switched to an aluminum uni-body construction for durability and style. Finally, they’ve added a weight system to change the center of gravity to match you best.


Did I mention both now come in white and the M65 (designed for FPS players) comes in military green? I am sure I did. Even if you never use the new M65 and M95 at the full 8200 DPI, there is a lot to like about these great gaming mice.

Corsair MM600 Mouse Mat and Software Update

Leaving nothing out of the limelight, Corsair will be releasing a software update for the Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless Headset to improve 7.1 Dolby audio support. This update is expected to be released in February of this year, so you don’t have long to wait.

Corsair is also working on a dual sided aluminum gaming mouse mat called the MM600. Made a single piece of 3 mm aluminum with two different surface types, this promises to be an accent piece to your gaming PC setup.

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Next-Gen Corsair Vengeance Gaming Keyboard and Mice Unleashed

– Free Software Driver Update to Add Dolby Headphone 7.1-channel Surround Sound to Vengeance 2000 Wireless Gaming Headset –

CES 2013 — January 8, 2013 — Corsair®, a worldwide designer of high-performance PC gaming peripherals, today announced next-generation additions to the premier Corsair Vengeance® line of gaming keyboards, mice, and mouse mats. Also announced is an upcoming free software driver update for the Vengeance 2000 wireless gaming headset which adds Dolby® Headphone 2.0 7.1-channel surround sound.

Vengeance K95 Gaming Keyboard: The New Top-dog

To create the Vengeance K95 keyboard, the Corsair design team started with the successful and award-winning K90 and added a never-before-seen level of precision, technology, and styling. The result is the Vengeance K95, the most advanced keyboard in the Vengeance gaming line. Now clad in a black anodized brushed aluminum chassis and equipped with luminous white LED lighting, the Vengeance K95 keyboard has been upgraded with Cherry MX Red key mechanical switches on every key including the function and macro keys. Each key is now individually backlit, enabling the keys to be independently enabled or disabled, and overall backlighting can be adjusted to four levels of intensity. The keyboard includes 18 dedicated macro keys that can be programmed via software or on-the-fly, and macros and lighting profiles can be stored in onboard flash memory. The Vengeance K95 also features full anti-ghosting, 20-key rollover, and a 1 ms reporting rate.

Vengeance M95 and M65 Gaming Mice: Precision-tuned and More Dangerous than Ever

Designed for serious gamers, the Vengeance M95 and M65 mice are built upon an ergonomic aluminum unibody chassis and fitted with an Avago Technologies ADNS-9800 LaserStream™ gaming sensor. The new 8200 DPI sensor provides a 30% boost in tracking resolution versus last generation mice, for increased speed and lethal precision when moving, looking, and targeting. The new mice incorporate new ruggedized, high-precision button switches for rapid triggering and solid durability. In addition, both mice feature on-the-fly resolution switching, programmable lift detection, a high-mass scroll wheel, and PTFE glide pads.

The Vengeance M95 is optimized for MMO gamers. It has 15 fully programmable buttons, arranged and tuned for intuitive operation, and on-board flash memory to store macros in up to six profiles that can be switched on-the-fly. An included intuitive Microsoft® Windows® software utility allows management of macro keys, on-board profiles, and sensor settings to allow gamers to customize the M95 to match their gaming style. The Vengeance M95 is available in two colors, Arctic White and Gunmetal Black.

The Vengeance M65 is designed for FPS enthusiasts. It features an innovative Sniper button, allowing an instant toggle from fast movement, high DPI-resolution mode down to a high-precision mode for more accurate aiming. Its aluminum body has an adjustable center of gravity to allow gamers to balance the mouse to their preference. The Vengeance M65 is available in three colors— Military Green, Arctic White and Gunmetal Black.

Vengeance MM600 Dual-sided Gaming Mat – Choose High-speed or Precision to Match Your Game

The MM600 is double-sided mat designed with foundation of a solid piece of 3 mm thick aircraft-grade aluminum to provide a flatter, more rigid surface and no-slip rubber corners to minimize slippage during frenzied gaming sessions. Each side of the mat has a high-quality polymer surface that has been tuned to deliver distinct glide characteristics. The smooth-texture side is designed to provide an exceptional high-speed glide, while the heavy-texture side is designed to deliver superior control. Both surface materials have excellent characteristics for high-precision sensors like those found in Corsair’s laser gaming mice.

“Our first generation keyboards and mice were designed to translate thoughts into action with ruthless efficiency,” said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager of the Peripherals Business Unit at Corsair. “We’ve honed that competitive advantage to a new level of precision with the Vengeance K95, M95, and M65, creating next-generation mice and keyboards to help keep gamers at the top of the leaderboards.”

Vengeance 2000 Wireless Gaming Headset – Now with Dolby 7.1-channel Surround Sound

Corsair will soon release a free software driver update which adds Dolby Headphone 2.0 to the Vengeance 2000 wireless gaming headset. Dolby® Headphone is a revolutionary signal processing technology that delivers up to 7.1-channel surround sound over headphones for richer, more spacious headphone audio. The driver is expected to be released in February. Existing owners will be able to download the update on the product’s download page on

Pricing and Availability

The new Corsair Vengeance M95 and M65 mice and MM600 mouse mat will be available in January at suggested prices of $79.99, $69.99, and $39.99 respectively. The Vengeance K95 gaming keyboard is expected to be available early spring with a suggested retail price of $149.99.

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