For some inexplicable (well, I guess it’s at least kind of plicable) reason, there’s always been this great divide between console gamers and PC gamers. There’s that whole PC Master Race paradigm, and both console and PC gamers tend to look down at mobile and casual gamers. The lines are blurring and they’re about to get even blurrier, because Microsoft and Razer are apparently working on an Xbox One keyboard and mouse combo.

While there have been some keyboards connected to consoles in the past, they’ve mostly been relegated to the realm of messaging and not so much for the actual gaming. I think the last time I used a mouse on a game console was with Mario Paint on the Super Nintendo.

Well, that could all be changing. After all, the Xbox One is basically a computer at this point, so the transition would hardly be all that difficult to pull off.

At the annual Xfest developers event, Razer discussed creating the ultimate keyboard and mouse solution for the Xbox One. They specifically point out their Razer Turret to put “the power of desktop grade gaming peripherals right in your lap as yu play your favorite game titles on the couch.”

They’re looking to bridge the gap and deliver their Chroma API to consoles. An Xbox One keyboard and mouse combo that is specifically built and targeted at Microsoft’s console would make a lot of sense for purists who prefer that control scheme over the Xbox One controller. And you know, Chroma lighting effects. They’re leaving game balancing up to the developers.

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