You think you know what dedication is? You do not know what dedication is until you know about the Canadian Tire Ice Truck.

You don’t have to live in Canada to know that the country gets notoriously cold; just think about all the snow, ice hockey, and layers of clothing that Bob and Doug McKenzie always wore. This cold isn’t very good for automobiles, especially car batteries. Canadian Tire set about to create a solution for this and designed the MotoMaster Eliminator battery which uses absorbed glass mat technology to continue functioning in absurdly cold conditions. To test the battery, and to prove its power to the world, they created the world’s first drivable ice truck.

The ice truck is exactly what it sounds like – a working truck made predominantly from ice. Aside from a working chassis, tires, and some vital mechanical components, the 15,000 operational truck is nothing but ice, something Canadian Tire constructed just to show how cold their battery could get while still functioning.

You can read more about the Canadian Tire Ice Truck or you can scroll down to check out a couple videos.


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