Its Thanksgiving here in the US, so lets keep this short, sweet, and simple. Black Friday is slowly creeping into the holiday. As a result, many of us will be spending the evening making meaningless small talk with family while our minds are busy at work trying to do the math on the various Black Friday discounts were privy to.

Apple, praise their sleek, lightweight souls, is making it easier on everybody.

Of course theyre participating in the Black Friday nonsense, but instead of shoving a cavalcade of deals down everyones throats, theyre simply offering gift cards with every purchase. Im sure that will disappoint some of you, but to a lot of us, that relieves a lot of the pressure of the mass-consuming scramble while still giving us a nice incentive to purchase on this holiest of consumer holidays.

The promotion is already showing up in the Australian online store with deals like a $137 gift card for purchasing a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac; or $68 for picking up an iPad Air. Gift cards are also available with purchases of third party products.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Dont get trampled tomorrow (or tonight)!

Via The Verge

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