It’s Black Friday, one of the craziest days of the year, and there is no shortage of good deals everywhere you look. One that stood out to me, however, is the NVIDIA SHIELD, which for the next four days is dropping its $300 price tag to $250.

You can find that price at a variety of online retailers such as Amazon, NewEgg, Gamestop, and of course NVIDIA themselves. Most of them are also throwing in the SHIELD’s carrying case for free, which is normally a $39.99 accessory. Some of them are offering free shipping too, so you can honestly look at this as a savings of around $100.

Amazon doesn’t include anything with the purchase, while NewEgg includes all of the above – case and free shipping – and throws in a SHIELD t-shirt and two months of Hulu Plus. If you decide to pick up Nvidia’s handheld device this weekend, you know where to go!

Via The Verge

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