The USB open nature has been a breading ground for interesting ideas and goofy computer attachments. The stuff created for the USB standard ranges from WTF to everyone needs one. The new AOC USB 22 inch Monitor leans closer to the everyone needs one and it will be on display for the first time at CES 2012.

The AOC e2251Fwu USB Monitor is an awesome gadget and not a monitor. Why? It’s the one thing people always want for their laptop, PC, or Mac and that is more screen area. The best part about it though is the DisplayLink chip used allows this monitor to work with practically any computer with a USB port, which is all of them. Not sure if your laptop has a DVI port, no problem. Spent two hours searching for a monitor with DisplayLink port because is the only link on your GPU you aren’t using yet, why. All you need to get 22 inches of extra display is a USB port.

On top of being one of the easiest ways to eliminate confusion about attaching your monitor, the display itself is quite nice. The full HD 1080p LED display with CCFL backlit consumes 50% less energy than similar displays. The e2251Fwu fits AOC eco friendly approach to technology. I love the idea of adding a second monitor to my system as needed via one of the front USB ports, espcially for only $199. Can’t wait to see this display in action at CES 2012.

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AOC to Unveil High Definition USB-Powered 22-inch Monitor at 2012 International CES

Energy-saving USB Monitor uses USB connection for both power and signal ideal for multi-screen computing

Fremont, Calif. January 4, 2012 AOC, the worldwide leader in HD television and monitor display technology, announces the 22-inch USB Monitor, a sleek full high definition LED monitor that receives both power and signal solely through USB connection. The energy-efficient and affordable 22-inch USB Monitor (e2251Fwu) offers simple plug-and-play connectivity, making the productivity benefits of dual- and multi-monitor computing available to the masses. The e2251Fwu is equally suitable for business, gaming and entertainment use with its convenient built-in USB port and excellent image quality. A great productivity enhancement for anyone who runs multiple applications, the 22-inch AOC USB Monitor will be available for $199 at national retailers in February 2012. The e2251Fwu will also be showcased at the Bellagio, Monet 3 Ballroom, at the International CES 2012, January 10-13, 2012.

The 22-inch USB Monitor makes multi-screen computing more practical than ever with its plug-and-play setup, cord independence and low power consumption, said Robert Velez, Marketing Manager of AOC.

With the launch of the e2251Fwu, AOC continues its commitment to providing the latest in digital display technologies and innovative styling. The 22-inch USB Monitor is ultra-light and super slim, measuring only 10.6 mm thin. The LED-backlit LCD monitor offers excellent image quality for movies and gaming with Full HD 1080p resolution, 20,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 200cd/m2 brightness and 5ms response time. Thanks to the LED backlight, the e2251Fwu consumes 50 percent less energy than many CCFL backlit monitors. The monitor also features a removable stand that allows it to instantly transform into a digital photo frame or presentation display. Due to its minimal weight, the e2251Fwu can be moved around effortlessly, while the large display and wide viewing angles allow several viewers to see a great picture, making it a perfect tool for client meetings and business presentations.

Every AOC monitor is manufactured to meet the most stringent green standards. Along with being mercury free, the packaging for the eco-friendly 22-inch USB Monitor is made from recycled materials. In addition, AOCs industry-leading LED display technology allows for a powerful and crystal clear display while minimizing power consumption.

Enabled by a DisplayLink chip, the AOC 22-inch USB Monitors technology easily integrates with existing desktop / notebook environments and is supported on all leading operating systems including Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 & Apple MAC OSX Tiger / Leopard and Lion. Linux support is also available through many of the standard distributions.


  • USB-powered LED display

  • 250cd brightness
  • 20,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 5ms response time
  • 1920 x 1080 @60Hz resolution
  • HDCP compatible
  • Ultra-slim (10.6 mm)
  • Supported on all leading operating systems including Windows & Apple MAC OS X


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