Nothing gold can stay, according to Robert Frost. Indiana, Nevada, and Tennessee have now joined the list of states in which Amazon purchases will be accompanied by sales tax. That brings the number up to 19 states; 2016 will see the 20th state, South Carolina, join in on the practice.

It certainly isnít going to stop with South Carolina either. Despite Amazon (as well as other online retailers) fighting back against this practice, it has a lot of support from various presences in each state. Even in the states that donít house an Amazon warehouse, the company is running into trouble. Amazon recently attempted to file a lawsuit against New York, arguing against the stateís decision that Amazonís local affiliates constituted a physical presence for the online retailer, but the Supreme Court refused to even hear the lawsuit.

As much as we all hate taxes, this has been coming for some time; there was no way tax-free online purchases would ever stick.

via The Verge

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