Amazon Announces Kindle Unlimited, Subscription-Based Reading Service

Amazon, why you do me like this? Not two whole days ago I signed up for Scribd, the subscription-based ebook service that lets you read unlimited books as long you’re a paying member, and now Amazon has launched their subscription reading service: Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Unlimited is $9.99 a month, two dollars more than Scribd, but while Scribd offers 100,000 books, Amazon’s advertising 600,000 Kindle books with their service. That’s a tad bit more. Kindle Unlimited subscribers will also get a free three-month Audible membership where they’ll be able to choose between thousands of audiobooks.

Like I said, I’ve only been a Scribd subscriber for a few days, but I can already see the value in these types of services, especially if you’re a voracious reader. Those who want to try out Amazon’s new service can do so with a free 30-day trial, though for now the service is only available in the United States.

Between Netflix and Kindle Unlimited, may you never want for content again.

Our own Michael Kwan is a Kindle publisher and as such received an email encouraging him to enroll his book in the Kindle Unlimited service. If an author’s book is accessed and read past 10%, they’ll get a cut of the KDP Select global fund. Amazon also suggests that enrolling your book will increase your exposure, maximize your sales potential, etc, etc. You can read the full email message below.

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Today we are excited to introduce Kindle Unlimited–a new subscription service for readers in the U.S. and a new revenue opportunity for authors enrolled in KDP Select. With Kindle Unlimited, customers will be able to read as many book as they want from a library of over 600,000 titles. KDP authors and publishers who enroll their books with U.S. rights in KDP Select are automatically enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Inclusion in Kindle Unlimited can help drive discovery of your book, and when your book is accessed and read past 10% you will earn a share of the KDP Select global fund. For the month of July we have added $800,000 to the KDP Select global fund bringing the total to $2 million.

KDP Select is an optional program that makes your book exclusive to Kindle and eligible for the following benefits:

Reach more readers With each 90-day enrollment period, your book will appear in Kindle Unlimited in the U.S. and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL) in the U.S, U.K., Germany, France, and Japan which can help readers discover your book.
Earn more money When your book is selected and read past 10% from Kindle Unlimited or borrowed from KOLL, you’ll earn your share of the monthly KDP Select Global Fund. You can also earn a 70% royalty for sales to customers in Japan, Brazil, India, and Mexico.
Maximize your sales potential Choose from two promotional tools including: Kindle Countdown Deals, time-bound promotional discounts for your book, available on and, while earning royalties; or Free Book Promotion, where readers can get your book free for a limited time.
Learn more about KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited. Visit your Bookshelf to enroll your titles in KDP Select, and click on “Manage Benefits” to get started.

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