Twitter has been the butt of many jokes since its inception, with many viewing it as a lesser social network than the rest and a breeding ground for narcissistic tomfoolery. Even after its role in the 2011 Egyptian revolution, the poor social networking platform isn’t getting the respect it deserves from people unaware of its potential.

Maybe those people would be surprised to learn that out of 164 countries surveyed (out of the 193 recognized by the United Nations), 123 of them have a head of state with a Twitter account. That’s seventy five percent of the them. That’s up from forty-two percent in 2011.

While it’s no surprise that US President Barack Obama is leading the pack with 25 million followers, I was surprised to learn that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez came in second with 3.5 million followers. To be honest, I was surprised he had an account, period. Even I’m still wrapping my head around the significance that Twitter now plays.

via Tech Crunch

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