The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, located north of Houston, Texas, became one of the first police departments in the country to begin using UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in the line of duty. Last Friday, a SWAT team suited up and headed out in an armored vehicle while the prototype drone followed above, for what was essentially a test mission and a photo shoot.

Unfortunately, after flying so far, the link between the drone and the controls was severed. The drone is designed to automatically go into shutdown mode in such an instance, but before that could happen, it came crashing down onto the SWAT vehicle. I would say it failed the test.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt and the damage was minimal, but the hilarity is right through the roof. Not that this isn’t a serious matter. Drone use is becoming increasingly sought after by law enforcement and, unless this issue is addressed, it’s only a matter of time before a drone comes crashing down on bystanders.

via Examiner

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