You’ve got your Spotify, your Rdio, your Pandora, your Apple Music… clearly what you need on your smartphone is yet another app for streaming music over the Internet. It looks like your melodic prayers have been virtually answered, because the YouTube Music app is now available for download.

While you could certainly peruse your way through the regular YouTube app to listen to your tunes of choice, the YouTube Music app has been designed specifically around the music experience. You get a lot of the features that you’d find in other music streaming apps, like random playlists based on mood. You can also listen to the music in the background rather than having to keep the app front and center.

If you want to get rid of the ads or enjoy offline listening, then you’ll need to subscribe to YouTube Red for $10/month. That’s also in line with other similar services, except Red comes with a few other bonuses too.

As can be expected, the new YouTube Music app can be download through the iTunes Store for iOS devices and through the Google Play Store for Android devices. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Via Gizmodo

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