It just became a little bit harder to become an Internet superstar. YouTube has announced that they’ll no longer serve ads on channels that have not received 10,000 lifetime views. This new measure will supposedly help them ensure that channels are valid and that they adhere to all the appropriate guidelines and policies.

There’s also a new review process in place for channels that do hit that milestone. Fortunately, creators who have already made money under the 10,000 views mark will be unaffected by these new rules.

In the grand scheme of things, 10,000 views isn’t very much at all. If you planned on making any sort of significant money on YouTube, your sights should be well above 10k anyway. I don’t claim to fully understand how that number will help YouTube verify the content on a specific channel. I suspect that what that number really does is it keeps YouTube from wasting their time with small fish, but maybe there’s no real tactful way to say that.

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