At long last, the battle against VVS has taken another major blow and we’re all the happier for it. For what must be one of the strangest reasons ever, Periscope for iOS has always been limited only to portrait-oriented video for its streaming service and this never made any sense to me. Now the developers have finally smartened up and are offering support for landscape videos in Periscope too.

In their own words, “you’ll never need to tilt your head to watch sideways video.”

Part of the impetus for this may have come from the announcement of the new Apple TV, since one of the featured apps for the upgraded set-top box happens to be Periscope. You know, along with the major push toward tvOS gaming in your living room, of course.

In addition to the newfound support for shooting, streaming and watching videos they were really meant to be shot, streamed and watched in the first place, the newly updated Periscope app for iOS devices also comes with a new feature called Share Context. Basically, you can see who shared a particular feed. That’s not as important, but it’s there.

Hopefully, changes like this will further encourage people to shoot all their videos in landscape from now on. If I see one more vertical video on Facebook or YouTube, I just might lose it.

Via iPhone in Canada

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