While we may never see a Galaxy Note7 with 6GB of RAM over on our side of the pond, Samsung’s newest flagship will get upgraded to Android 7.0 Nougat eventually. The question is how soon. The answer, apparently, is sooner than you might think if these latest reports are to be believed.

Pre-orders for the Note7 are already being taken — including bonus offers for a free Gear Fit 2 or 256GB microSD card — and the official launch is only a week away. When the phone does land in the hands of customers next week, it will ship with Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box, skinned with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI and all of those S Pen enhancements. You might be sad to see the lack of Android 7.0, but Google hasn’t even released the final version of that yet. It wouldn’t be fair to think that Samsung could skin it in time.

So, how long is this going to take. In speaking with the Korea Times, Samsung Mobile President Koh Dongjin indicated that the Android 7.0 update will be delivered within the next two or three months. That puts them squarely in the November window, which won’t lag behind the new HTC-made Nexus phones. Koh said that it is “very important for us to offer up-to-date information with the new OS, but what’s more crucial is to build a stable and seamless platform for users.” The next couple of months will give them the time they need for beta testing.

Of course, a lot can change between now and then. If you’re totally hellbent on getting Android 7.0 as soon as possible, maybe you should pick a different Korean phone instead.


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