Without hyperbole, the original OnePlus One smartphone was a real game changer in more ways than one. It was only available by invite and was only released in waves. Perhaps more notably, it offered true flagship caliber specs and performance at half the price of an equivalent unlocked smartphone from the big dogs. If you were hoping to score a similar deal on the the upcoming OnePlus 2, you may need to pinch a few more pennies. The OnePlus 2 price is going to be higher than we had hoped.

In a recent blog post on the OnePlus Forums, the official folks at OnePlus expressed their anger at some of the recent rumors floating around regarding their upcoming smartphone. Yes, the OnePlus 2 is going to be powered by a Snapdragon 810 processor but the overheating concerns (that have plagued other phones powered by the chip) are unwarranted and unjustified. To overcome the heating issues, OnePlus says it is clocking the eight-core Snapdragon 810 "at 1.8GHz for cooler temperatures."

While the OnePlus One launched at a starting price of just $299, the OnePlus 2 price is going to be more. How much more remains to be seen, but the blog post says specifically that "the price of the 2 will certainly be higher than $322." A big part of the blame is being placed squarely on the shoulders of the not-necessarily-overheating Snapdragon 810.

The 810 is much more powerful than its younger counterpart, the 801, and is a much more expensive component. Were paying more for the 810 than we ever have for the 801. In fact, the cost is almost 60% higher, and were not getting any discount.

The hope is that the OnePlus 2 price is held at no more than $349 with the more attractive higher-end model (just as there were two SKUs for the One) being priced in the $399 to $449 kind of range.

Via OnePlus

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