The idea of a razor-thin smartphone doesn’t exactly appeal to me, because I am a lumbering brute who inadvertently destroys nice things. I don’t need people to make it easier for me. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the economics of it, though. Vivo is reportedly working on what will be the thinnest smartphone in the world at just 3.8mm and trying to picture how it would look in my hand is blowing my mind.

The image above was taken from a Chinese social network site called Weibo and it shows the Vivo handset lying on top of a 7.6mm-thick Apple iPhone 5s. As you can see, the phone is metal, so it’s going to be something to behold, physically. On the outside, anyway.

You can’t make a phone that small and still expect it to be powerful. Some of the internal components powering the most powerful smartphones on the market are wider than Vivo’s actual phone, so they’ll have to make some sacrifices. Expect Vivo’s wafer-thin smartphone to be mid-range at best, but that isn’t a terrible thing by any means. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense phone without the bells and whistles, Vivo’s as-of-yet unnamed handset will probably fit the bill quite nicely. It will also be thinner than a bill!

via Mobile Burn

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