When it comes to cell service, it’s not always easy to find something affordable. While Verizon’s newest Share Everything plan is a step in the right direction, it’s still a pretty big misfire.

For $40, users on the plan will share 500MB of data per month. While that alone sounds promising, there’s also a monthly fee of $40 for each smartphone on the plan and $10 per tablet. That’s already $90 for one person, and that’s before taxes and fees. Then when you consider that the 1GB plan only costs ten bucks more at $50, this new plan sounds even less appealing.

This comes in the wake of AT&T introducing a 300MB plan at $20 a month. That plan sounds much better, especially if you’re someone who regularly uses Wi-Fi and saves your data needs for when you’re out of the house. Nice try, Verizon.

via The Verge

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