Put on your tinfoil hats, kiddos! Just make sure to take them off before you go out for your Friday night shenanigans. When PRISM became public knowledge thanks to Edward Snowden, people were outraged, and not just in the United States. People around the world found the NSA’s actions appalling. Though not everyone felt this way. As it turns out, the Federal Bureau of Investigation thinks what the NSA was doing was pretty nifty and now they’re looking to get in on the action.

The FBI wants to conduct its own broad surveillance and is looking to telecommunications carriers to install “eavesdropping technology” so that they can monitor Internet data on American citizens. “Pen register” orders allow you to collect phone numbers called from certain line. “Trap and trace” orders allows you to collect the metadata of incoming communication. The FBI is looking to put both into play.

According to CNET, the scope of what the FBI could collect includes IP addresses, email addresses, Facebook information, browser history, and possibly Internet search terms. Carriers are supposedly fighting the FBI on the matter, so let’s hope they keep it up. Be sure to check out the CNET write-up for more information.

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