For many people, data limits are the bane of their existence. It’s 2016, the age of the Internet is in full swing, and yet our access is still limited, both at home and on the go. Users of Verizon’s prepaid phone plans, however, just got a little more room to breathe.

Two of Verizon’s three prepaid plans just got a boost to their data limit. The $45 plan goes from a 1GB cap to a 3GB cap, and the $60 plan doubles to 6GB. To take advantage of these new caps, you must be enrolled in Verizon AutoPay every month. As an added bonus, the $45 plan now includes unlimited texting to Mexico and Canada and the $60 plan comes with that and free calling to both aforementioned countries.

Heavy Internet users can still hit those caps, but that’s a pretty generous boost for no extra money. Then again, maybe they’re just drip-feeding us Internet so that we become complacent! Oh, data caps haunt me so!

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