The smartphone industry has really embraced the motto of “go big or go home.” The original Samsung Galaxy Note was perceived as gargantuan in size when it was announced in 2011. It had a 5.3-inch display, a screen size that would barely qualify as average today. For reference, the Galaxy Note9 has a 6.4-inch screen. The upcoming Palm PVG100 is going in an entirely different direction with its purported 3.3-inch display.

While we’re hoping this resurgence of the iconic Palm brand won’t be a disappointment, we will need to temper our expectations. For starters, this isn’t really a Palm phone, but rather only one in name. It’s being built by the same TCL responsible for current BlackBerry smartphones like the KEY2.

According to reports acquired by Android Headlines, the upcoming Palm PVG100 will go extra tiny with just a 3.3-inch 720p display. That’s even smaller than the 3.5-inch display on the original iPhone!

It’s obvious enough that unlike something like the BlackBerry KEY2, TCL is not going after the higher end market with the Palm PVG100. Also reportedly known as the Palm Petito and set to be sold exclusively by Verizon in the US, the PVG100 looks to be an Android One device with huge bezels all around and a budget-friendly price.

We can expect a 720p display, Snapdragon 435, and 3GB of RAM, along with a decidedly tiny 800 mAh battery to power the thing. There’s also a headphone jack, so that’s something. You’ll also notice the single camera module on the back and the lack of a physical home button on the front.

To be honest, these images do remind me a lot of the Palm Pre and Palm Pre 2, except there will be no slide-out QWERTY keyboard this time around. That massive chin could accommodate some old Palm gestures, but I find that unlikely.

Is there still a market for tiny smartphones? Can the Palm PVG100 (Palm Petito) fill that void?

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