It’s now 2012, so the days of uninformed computer users opening strange attachments and falling for email scams are pretty much behind us. Even our aging parents, who are the opposite of tech-savvy, are beginning to learn of the dangers that can pop up in your email account. So let this serve as a reminder: sometimes an email telling you to go change one of your passwords is a scam, and sometimes it’s totally legit because your account was actually hacked.

Twitter experienced some sort of compromise Thursday morning and numerous users woke up to emails from the service, asking them to reset their passwords. Since we’re so used to regarding this sort of behavior as fishy, several outlets quickly dispatched news stories like this one I’m currently writing, informing people that the emails are, in fact, very real and genuine.

Details behind the breach are scarce, with Twitter simply stating “Twitter believes that your account may have been compromised by a website or service not associated with Twitter.” Needless to say, if you got one of these emails, secure your Twitter account ASAP.

via Tech Crunch

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